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How to write in Sindarin, an introduction

How to write in Sindarin, an introduction

This is the video I wanted to do since a long time. The Tolkien sets are not just fancy gimmicks, they can be actually used to write in Sindarin and Khuzdul. All you need is to install the right font and a little reference material.

In the following video I show you how easy it is to write in Sindaring and show off your Tolkien nerdom to the normies! It’s just an introduction, but should give you an idea.

The Tolkien keycaps are finally live!

This will be a very quick update, but an important one.

After months of work and tribulation I’m cautiously proud to inform you that the official Elven and Dwarven keycaps are finally up for pre-order at Drop!

The pre-order phase will last a couple of months at a special price, after the release date they will be still available for a while but at full price.

Production has already started so they should be ready really soon!

All left to do is to choose your race!

Are you an Elf?

Or a Dwarf?

The Lore behind the Tolkien keycaps

The Lore behind the Tolkien keycaps

The Tolkien keycaps are being produced as I write and I think this is the right time to talk about the lore behind this keycap set.

I’d like to stress on the fact that this is more than just a fancy LoTR set to dress your 5th keyboard; if you want to you can actually write in Elvish and Dwarvish with these keycaps. They are not just nice, they are functional. Not to mention they are officially licensed!

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Keycaps update

Time for a much needed keycaps update. As you know by now I’m working on Elven/Dwarven keycaps, the colors are finalized –which is a big achievement– but dye-sublimation is proving more difficult than anticipated. I received various rounds of prototypes in these last weeks but the manufacturer doesn’t seem able to get all the pieces right. The problem I believe is a mix of multi-color legends together with the side prints.

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MT3 Row 5 Spacebar STLs, all of them!

MT3 Row 5 Spacebar STLs, all of them!

I hate it when you have that great idea for a new keyboard layout but you can’t make it because you miss that weird spacebar size. So here they are, MT3 spacebars in all shapes and form. Please note: these are not the same 3D models used to make the actual molds. I redesigned them so we could have spacebar sizes and stem positions not currently supported by the “official” MT3 profile. Well, I designed the MT3 profile, so I guess these are official too :)

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MT3 STL files for artisan keycap designers

Ever wanted to create a custom keycap to match an existing MT3 set? Of course you can make a mold out of the original but what if you could work directly on a high resolution 3D model?

Well wait no more, STL for ROW 0 and 6.25u spacebar are here! Use them freely even for commercial products but please give credit. The license is Attribution-ShareAlike just let your customers know your work is based on MT3 profile designed by me and we are good :)

If there’s enough interest I will release more keys and possibly spacebars in every possible size. With 3D printers becoming cheaper and easier to use it’s nice to be able to print that one spacebar size needed for some weird custom keyboard.

Of course I’d love to see what you do with the files. Now go creative!

Download the STL files!