Very quick but very juicy update. I got the first batch of prototypes for the Tolkien sets and they are lovely!

Tolkien Elven Sindarin Keycaps

There are still a few issues to solve and I had to update a few legends but all in all I’m very happy with this color scheme and the overall look of this set. Unfortunately the Dwarf set had a wrong color for the modifiers so I’m not going to show you that just yet but…

… I guess we need to address the elephant in the room.

I can’t make any promise but I’m trying to have a full set of Elven and Dwarven dice made (from d4 to d20). The above are 3D printed and painted prototypes. I used wax based paint (you may know it as “rub & buff”) that is extremely convincing but hopefully we can make them out of metal.

I do hope they will green-light them because they are gorgeous!