We gave too much attention to the Elves recently. We all love them, but we know how pain in a$$ they could be. The previous batch of prototypes for Dwarvish was all messed up so I haven’t showed you anything… until today! I’ve got more prototypes and the sets are simply delicious!

There are still a few issues to be solved but overall we are very close to the final product. Before all of you get too excited, please bear in mind that the keycaps need to be greenlighted by the copyright holders. So something nasty could still happen, but I’m moderately positive.

So now. When are they going to be available for purchase? Short answer is: soon™. Long answer is: I don’t know.

The target is to release by the end of the month, the problem as I mentioned earlier is that a good amount of red tape goes around Tolkien stuff. This being an official product it takes longer to proceed, but rest assured, you’ll be the first to know :)

If you are interested in a little unboxing I’ve shot a quick video!