What the hell is MT2? Great question, thanks for asking.

Drop announced a fancy new keycap profile, truth is that I don’t have a clue what that is! My guess is as good as yours because Drop dropped this bomb out of nowhere.

They are totally free to do whatever they want of course, but considering MT3 is a play on my nick name (MaTt3o) it would have been nice to receive a heads-up before they released an MT2.

So let me be super clear here: I have no involvement whatsoever in the making of the MT2 profile. I know the name is misleading but we’ll have to live with it and I guess it gives some continuity.

So what do we know about MT2?

Looking at the rendering they posted and talking to Yanbo (from Drop) it looks like a Cherry clone, which is good since it’s a very much loved profile and GMK is basically booked for the next couple of years. They hopefully fixed the few inconsistencies of the Cherry legends (like the ginormous ^ and ~) but I’ll know more as soon as I get prototypes.

Yeah, that’s right. They are going to send me some prototypes and if they are half as good as they claim I’ll be gladly designing one of the first sets in MT2 (gosh, the name feels wrong every time I say it).

Well, it’s good to have more options. Cylindrical top keycaps after all are the de-facto standard of modern computing.