I hate it when you have that great idea for a new keyboard layout but you can’t make it because you miss that weird spacebar size. So here they are, MT3 spacebars in all shapes and form. Please note: these are not the same 3D models used to make the actual molds. I redesigned them so we could have spacebar sizes and stem positions not currently supported by the “official” MT3 profile. Well, I designed the MT3 profile, so I guess these are official too :)

Anyway, this is just to say that the spacebars are to be tested. So, please, if you print them let me know if everything’s working as expected. Stems distance, spacebar width, stem fit, … They should work but you know, shit happens.

In the download below you’ll find the following spacebars in ROW5:

  • 1 u
  • 1.25 u
  • 1.50 u
  • 1.75 u
  • 2 u
  • 2 u POS style stems
  • 2.25 u
  • 2.5 u
  • 2.75 u
  • 3 u w/ 2u style stabilizers
  • 3 u w/ external stabilizers
  • 3.5 u
  • 4 u
  • 4.5 u
  • 5 u
  • 5.5 u
  • 6 u
  • 6.25 u
  • 6.5 u
  • 7 u

Before you ask… I’m working on the ROW4 spacebars too, as I said I’m redesigning them and ROW4 being sculpted it takes a little longer, but fear not: they are coming!

Can I use the spacebars in my personal or commercial product?

Great question, thanks for asking. The files are provided mainly for: 1) individuals willing to print a missing keycap for themselves (or small project group buys); 2) artisans willing to make and sell custom creations based on the MT3 profile. They are free to use in those cases, just give credit. Basically what you can’t do is to create molds of all of them and sell ABS/PBT/POM replacement kits. That would be just lame, and anyway there’s Drop for that.

Enough talking, grab the files!

Download the STL files!