Time for a much needed keycaps update. As you know by now I’m working on Elven/Dwarven keycaps, the colors are finalized –which is a big achievement– but dye-sublimation is proving more difficult than anticipated. I received various rounds of prototypes in these last weeks but the manufacturer doesn’t seem able to get all the pieces right. The problem I believe is a mix of multi-color legends together with the side prints.

I talked earlier today with Drop and we made a report for the manufacturer, if all goes according to plan in a few weeks we should have hopefully the production prototypes. If those are perfect we can move to production very quickly.

It’s not completely clear to me yet but it’s likely that the Tolkien keycaps won’t be a “group buy” or a pre-sale. Meaning that Drop will just produce them and as soon as they are ready you’ll be able to buy them on the spot. I personally prefer this strategy but it also means that we won’t see any update for the next 3-4 months and then… BOOM… they’ll be online and they will likely go out of stock fast (so you better keep checking my site :P ).

Not the update you were looking for, but I won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

I have another exciting news for you though, everything is still in early development but… we are finally bringing SA Retro to MT3! Signature Plastics is working on a re-print of the famous SA Retro since a couple of years now, they even teased me with a production picture but it seems that they won’t be able to actually release it any time soon… so please welcome MT3 Retro! But don’t ask me for an ETA, let’s say within the year.

If you are not familiar with Retro, it all started with DSA Retro. It was a set inspired by the Commodore 64 and other retro computers (hence the name) and it was also the first DSA set to be widely available on the western market (we are talking 8-9 years ago). It has seen various incarnations, between them the best is probably the one in SA profile.

DSA Retro