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The Tolkien keycaps are finally live!

This will be a very quick update, but an important one.

After months of work and tribulation I’m cautiously proud to inform you that the official Elven and Dwarven keycaps are finally up for pre-order at Drop!

The pre-order phase will last a couple of months at a special price, after the release date they will be still available for a while but at full price.

Production has already started so they should be ready really soon!

All left to do is to choose your race!

Are you an Elf?

Or a Dwarf?

Keycaps update

Time for a much needed keycaps update. As you know by now I’m working on Elven/Dwarven keycaps, the colors are finalized –which is a big achievement– but dye-sublimation is proving more difficult than anticipated. I received various rounds of prototypes in these last weeks but the manufacturer doesn’t seem able to get all the pieces right. The problem I believe is a mix of multi-color legends together with the side prints.

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Tolkien kits beta-1

Tolkien kits beta-1

Tolkien sets development proceeds at a steady pace. All colors have been finalized and they are delicious! Legends should be final; for the Elvish set most of the work was already done (from previous Sindarin keycaps), for Dwarvish things are a little more complicated.

The official material is very sparse so I had to rely on Neo Cirth, which is an effort to expand the little Dwarvish vocabulary we have documented from Tolkien. It won’t be super accurate, but it’s a close approximation.

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Middle Earth is coming soon on a desktop near you

Middle Earth is coming soon on a desktop near you

It took forever but it’s kinda sorta semi-official that we will soon™ release licensed Tolkien keyboards, keycaps, desktop mat, …

It’s not clear yet how much stuff we are going to do, but I would like to start from a few sets of Elven and –this time also– Dwarven keycaps. Both being composed by extremely complicated glyphs we can’t do double-shot, so this is going to be MT3 profile in PBT material with dye-sublimated legends. It is somehow limiting in the color selection (we can’t use light on dark schemes) but we can use any sort of iconography from the Tolkien world.

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3277: finally the keyset MT3 was designed for

3277: finally the keyset MT3 was designed for

UPDATE: now live on Drop!

When we designed the MT3 keycap profile we had very specific vintage keyboards in mind. One of them was the IBM 3277 (and the whole 32xx series). So before venturing any further in colorful and extravagant color schemes I had to honor the 3277 by dedicating an MT3 set to it.

Hence I’m proud to introduce to you simply “3277”, the next MT3 double-shot to be produced in the coming months.

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Susuwatari production prototypes TL;DR: they are awesome!

Susuwatari production prototypes TL;DR: they are awesome!

It was March 16th –basically 12 years ago in the time of covid– when I first told you that Susuwatari was going production. I was not happy about it, we weren’t ready and I had no trust in a factory that to that point gave only disappointment.

Well, when I’m wrong I’m wrong. Today I got the production prototypes for Susuwatari… and to my great surprise they are pretty darn good.

If you follow me you know that I’m an annoyingly perfectionist and I’m never 100% happy with my work. Well, this time I’m moderately optimist. I have no clue how the manufacturer pulled this off after the countless low quality tests we made in past year, but I’m not gonna complain.

Of course there’s something I’d still like to fix. Colors are still not a perfect match of what I had in mind and a couple of keys (not important ones) would need some retouching, but anyway they are ready for production and shipping as they are.

So warm up a special place in your collection, Susuwatari is coming to you real soon!