Tolkien sets development proceeds at a steady pace. All colors have been finalized and they are delicious! Legends should be final; for the Elvish set most of the work was already done (from previous Sindarin keycaps), for Dwarvish things are a little more complicated.

The official material is very sparse so I had to rely on Neo Cirth, which is an effort to expand the little Dwarvish vocabulary we have documented from Tolkien. It won’t be super accurate, but it’s a close approximation.

Regarding the kits I’m trying to keep them to the bare minimum so the price won’t be too bad, at the end they are still niche keycaps. I removed most of the keys that I would include in a “standard” set because after all legends are mostly gibberish :) and be realistic: you can put any key in any position you want.

Please help me find errors or missing keys and let me know if there are more keyboards you’d like to support. Yeah, I know, no ergodox.

Elvish and Dwarvish kits will be identical (in key sizes and number of kits), only exception is that Elvish will have 2 color options while Dwarvish only one.



The meaning for each key will be revealed when the legends are final.

Regarding additional Tolkien memorabilia, I hope to be able to bring a wooden keyboards with wrist-rest and a desktop mat very likely with the map of Middle Earth. I might be able to pull some artisan, but no promises :)

In the coming days I should receive the first dye-sublimated prototypes, so stay tuned for more updates. I’ll also try to set up a mailing list so you won’t miss any juicy news.