So /dev/tty1 is finally out into the wild, round two is going nice and smooth and it’s time to move on to the next project.

It’s some time we are toying with the idea of a double-shot version of the MT3 keycap profile and it looks like Massdrop has just greenlighted the project.

I mostly worked on dye-sublimation lately, so I was forced on light schemes. You can’t have a legend that is lighter than the background with sublimation (yeah, okay you technically can with negative printing… but let’s leave it for now), so this time around I wanted to go dark!

It will be a loooong journey, each legend needs its own tooling, so we need to design them very carefully. It’s not like dye-sub that you can change the design at any time, this time legends are eternal.

So here below please check the suggested color scheme and the list of available kits. If you like it please share it with friends and send your suggestions now! It will be impossible to change them later, so if you need support for a new keyboard or if you think something is missing (or wrong), please let me know ASAP!

The set will be 100% ABS, but I’m pushing for a PBT spacebar if the manufacturer can match the color!

What about the name again?

Susuwatari is that little Studio Ghibli’s wandering soot. Consider it a homage to my beloved animation studio.