Long time I haven’t posted an update about the second round of /dev/tty. As you all well know I wasn’t very happy with the dye-sub quality of the first drop and –honestly– how Massdrop handled the whole development phase.

Fortunately this time things are moving smoother. I’m getting prototypes at a constant pace and the first impression is very good.

First of all, legends look sharper. The dye-sub job –at least on my prototypes– is top notch. From the pictures below you can see on the left Round 2 on the right the old legends. You’ll notice less color bleeding and very fine edges; distance between letters is the same but characters are more readable.

Legend centering is also better or at least between specifics. Please bear in mind that it’s extremely tedious to dye-sub small concave surfaces and I think this time around they did a really good job.

I’ll post more pictures as soon as I get a final production unit but in the meantime you can enjoy the all time favorite Elven kit! It’s gorgeous (disregard the yellow shift).

I’m still waiting for the new spacebars, but so far we are doing great. As per the sempiternal question… I’m sorry, guys, I don’t have an ETA but from my perspective it looks like there will be some delay.