It has been a while since the last update on the Susuwatari keyset. The drop for the double-shot MT3 profile set ended few months ago and development is proceeding at a slow but constant pace. It is incredible the amount of work needed to design a brand new double-shot set.

Few weeks ago I received the first color samples. As expected we are not there yet, but we are very close. I’ve already sent my report to the manufacturer and I’m confident that the next samples will be right on spot.

Few days ago I’ve also got the first double shot samples. I’ll be frank, I was expecting more tests to be made at this stage. I received just a few legends, but anyway they are good enough to be cautiously positive that everything will proceed as expected. From the picture above you can see a rather complicated legend injected with unexpected craftsmanship.

What next? I’m working on updated legends following this first round of prototypes to further optimize the injection process and I hope to get a more complete set in the coming weeks. Chinese New Year holidays put a stop to the production for a few weeks and we should be back in the game in a few days.

Sorry I can’t show you more at this time, but I hope to be able to reveal a final-ish product in a month from now.