In perfect telenovela style after the big drama event… everything’s back to normal. You probably read the latest Drop update and I’m here to give you more juicy unadulterated details, because I know you all love some conspiracy theories.

Well, sorry to disappoint, this time there are none.

My line with Drop has always been with Yanbo who is a kind of blameless messenger. After my rant I was contacted by someone from the high floors. The conversation was very pleasant and we agreed that the situation could have been handled better. Honestly the recent post that they published about the name change proved a carefulness I didn’t know they had.

From the brief exchange I had with them my impression is that they just want to leave everything behind, learn from it and move on doing cool stuff. I feel sorry for the huge misunderstanding but up to that point nothing from my discussions with Yanbo led me to believe they actually cared about my work or that they still wanted to collaborate. I don’t know how we let things escalate this way but anyway, all is good now and I have a red phone to contact the batman directly the next time something like this happens (well I hope it doesn’t…).

Now that they have DCX —that truth to be told is what people want— it’s not that they really need me, there are easier creators to work with but they still want me on board… So, yeah, after all you’ll probably see more stuff from me on Drop.

This is my last post on the matter. Stay tuned because I’ve got real news coming!