By now the news is out but it’s time to make it official.

If you follow my Discord you know that MTNU (pronounced emty-new) is the code name of the new profile I’m working on since a few months. You haven’t heard much about it since the initial announcement because I was busy finding the right manufacturer.

I’m happy to announce that I not only found a manufacturer but also the perfect partner with years of experience in the keycap industry. The moment I reached out GMK they showed great interest in my new profile and I feel incredibly honored that they are willing to take this project under their wing.

So, yeah, GMK will be officially working on MTNU.

I know what your concern is, it was mine too; how can GMK work on a new profile when they can barely handle the cherry orders? Does it mean that MTNU will have a 2-years ETA?

The short answer is: GMK is expanding. Unfortunately these kind of improvements take time, it’s not just switching the power to a new machine, but by the time MTNU will be ready I’m sure we will all benefit from a more steady and prompt release schedule.

Does it mean that the Cherry Profile orders will impact on MTNU orders and vice versa clogging production again?

I don’t speak for GMK here, but as I see it, having two profiles it means that production can be split between different tooling, so technically should make things better.

I heard recently GMK had some quality issues, how can you ensure a high quality product?

I’m absolutely 100% positive that with GMK we can reach the highest quality level this profile deserves. With no other company on the planet (read China) I’d have the same control over production. So far they’ve showed a contagious enthusiasm and unmatched professionalism. MTNU will be developed with GMK not just manufactured by GMK. It means that on top of my know-how you have years of experience in injection molding.

I trust them and I sincerely believe things are going to be great. Considering the amazing products they gave us in the past years, you should give them some slack.

When will the first set come out?

We officially started working on MTNU just yesterday. I already have a couple of months of development on my shoulder but I want to do things right and take all the time that is needed. I guess the goal is Q1 2023, by then hopefully GMK will also have production sorted out.

Will this be a GMK “exclusive”? How can I order MTNU keycaps?

First of all don’t dash to GMK asking for a production slot now! It’s too early and they will hate me forever for making this public too soon.

Secondly, GMK is one of the most open and designers’ friendly company in the keyboard industry. Vendors all around the world will be able to get MTNU as they do with the Cherry profile. GMK is of course the sole manufacturer but you’ll be able to buy MTNU all over the world from your trusted local vendor.

Also I hope we’ll be able to work on stock availability for a number of successful sets.

Will it be ABS or PBT, doubleshot or dyesub?

It will surely be double-shot but I don’t know yet about the material. The options are PBT, PBT blend or ABS. My preference would be to work with a PBT blend, so that’s where I’m pushing. From a quick talk with GMK a PBT blend tooling would also let us inject ABS, while a pure PBT tooling would be exclusive to that material.

Dye-sublimation is something that we may explore later.

In the coming days I’ll post some more juicy details on the profile itself together with some renders.

Exciting times, I hope you agree. Before I go let me thank Christoph from GMK that made this collaboration possible and the good Oblotzky who facilitated the initial meeting.