You never know when a WhiteFox is going to strike! Stealthy and deadly she comes unexpected and hits with no mercy.

Honestly I myself wasn’t expecting her for another couple of months, but –you know– you can’t really tell her what to do. She comes and goes when she wants.

So, I’m pretty happy to let you know that the WhiteFox is available again on MassDrop.

How does round 2 differs from the initial release?

First of all there’s no “WhiteFox Prima” laser etch on the bottom and it is not possible to buy the Jack of All Trades and Winkeyless layouts anymore.

Apart from that we just fixed the issues we had with the manufacturers and optimized the production process. Nothing relevant is going to change, so don’t worry.

The sad news is that we are not going to have a gold anodized case this time around no matters how much I begged for it.

If you get the DIY kit or the barebone remember to check the How to assemble your WhiteFox. It might save you some headache later!