By now you should know that we were working hard to find new ways to release the WhiteFox.

Massdrop is a great platform with a huge user base but of course you have to compromise when dealing with big companies. BUT. The WhiteFox is our baby, Input Club and I felt that we couldn’t keep compromising and we needed a way to finally release our keyboard the way it was always meant to be.

So the time has finally come. We are releasing the WhiteFox our own, under our terms and with our very strict quality control. With Massdrop we lost control over the production process and we ultimately had to agree with certain company policies. This time the sky is the limit and hopefully with your help we’ll make the WhiteFox better than already is.

So. In less than an hour the project should be available on Kickstarter. While you wait let me illustrate the main difference with the previous releases.

First off the name of this new version is WhiteFox [Vera]. “Vera” means true, authentic in Italian, which seems appropriate.

Unfortunately only the True Fox layout will be available, as this is our first keyboard we are doing ourselves. We need to lower complexity and possible points of error especially in logistics. Bear in mind that we don’t have a huge company backing us now, so customer care and logistics is on us.

The recommended switches are the Halo True and Halo Clear. These are the most beautiful Cherry MX compatible switched ever created, designed by the overly talented and personal super hero Jacob Alexander himself. So with Vera you can not only benefit of the best custom keyboard layout, but also of the best custom switch. A standard clicky blue switch is also available and if you want something more exotic (green, gray, zealio, …) you can grab the “switch-less” option, but of course you’ll have to source and solder the switches yourself.

Stabilizers are now Cherry, mostly because they are easier to assemble. We had a lot of issues with Costar stabilizers in both production and assembly. I personally prefer the fragrance of Costar stabs, but we are playing it safe here, and have made sure that these Cherry stabilizers fit the keycap set perfectly.

The PCB has been updated to improve the design and solve small issues, particularly with static discharge. Together with an updated firmware we should be able to deliver a flawless experience.

The following is the NOT final list of keys that will ship with all WhiteFox Vera.

What about perks and stretch goals? Glad you asked. We have many ideas and at the top of the list there are special, new color options for the WhiteFox, but —and it’s a big “but”— we need to see how the Kickstarter campaign performs. If there’s a solid interest and we quickly reach our goal, there will be surely some pleasant surprise!

Nothing left to do other than wait a few minutes until the kickstarter page goes live. I even humiliated myself to the point of making a short video about this event. An edited version will be on the Kickstarter page, but this is the full shit, I hope you can appreciate the bravery :)