It’s hardly a novelty now but I actually started working on a Topre to Cherry MX adapter back in 2014. The NovaTouch was not a thing yet and no 3D model for the slider/converter was available at the time.

It’s an incredibly simple model and I’m by no means a 3D expert, but anyway I hope you can make good use of it. Please note that everything is released under a Creative Common license, you are free to use and modify the models as long as you give credit and re-share under the same license.

Currently I have two models, they are both available on Shapeways if you want to order them directly. The first one has been already printed in various materials and it pretty much works (Keychatter reviewed it a while back). The other one is an updated revision but I never tried it yet, so use at your own risk.

Consider that for best result you should print in “Frosted Ultra Detail” that unfortunately is one of the most expensive material they have.

Many nowadays have access to 3D printers so I’m really curious to see what you do with my models; don’t be shy and please share your creations! If you can work on the 3D file I would probably make the barrel (and the stem inside) 0.5mm shorter.

Download the 3D models