Granite Round 4 has finally started shipping to its final destinations, I’ve already seen some nice pictures and I’m glad people are enjoying it.

During the last few years we had quite some iterations of this set and I never took the time to catalog all the keycaps that have been produced. So, it took me some digging into the many backups but I can ultimately show you all the Granite keys that left the Signature Plastics factory lane (excluding blanks) with a good 99% approximation.

Beware! Lots of pictures inside.

Original Granite

This is the original. The one and only. It included many languages that were removed in later group buys. It also featured the Cyrillic kit that was never replicated. The Nerdom kit included some very nice novelties (such as the kitty-key made for my wife) that are very specific of this first batch. Windowed keys also were never replicated.

Granite Round 2

This was run by MassDrop and it was basically a stripped down version of the original Granite. We added a 6u spacebar (but it was ABS not PBT) and removed the Nerdom kit. Some novelties were added to the Gamer kit. Notable addition was the Windows kit with logos from old and new version of the most loved and hated OS there is.

Granite Bonus Pack

While Round 2 was still rolling on MassDrop we ran a separate group buy on PimpMyKeyboard. It was composed by just 4 kits and they were designed to add back what was removed from MassDrop and also included some original novelty key. It hasn’t been easy to find all the keys of this one, but I believe I did it! The robot-face key was a bonus/surprise key.


Granite Round 3

Round 3 was essentially the same as Round 2 with just a few corrections to the Mono legends and the Homing kits.

Granite Round 4

And finally Round 4. All kits in the last run of Granite can be found here. Probably the most notable addition was the Elven Tongue kit and possibly the Secondary Legends. The bonus pack included some WhiteFox novelties, since the two drops were held more or less at the same time.

The future

I don’t think we will have more Granite… And this time it is for real. I may still release the design to the public domain and let anyone use it. I’m not sure yet. We’ll see.