UPDATE: Granite in currently on sale on PimpMyKeyboard.

Honestly, I had enough of Granite. We had four uber successful batches, everybody got a chance to grab a set by now but it seems I have no control over Granite after all. It lives a life of its own.

There’s still too much interest around the two-shades-of-gray keycaps and many are eager to take advantage of the success of this set. At the point where I thought we could have moved on to the next project I’ve been basically blackmailed: either I run more or someone else will. It already happened to other of my works and I don’t want Granite to pop up on Alibaba with some shady bootleg name (Graneat? Cranite?) and poor overall quality.

I talked to Signature Plastics (the manufacturer) and MassDrop (that sold the last three batches) and I believe the best course of action at this stage is not to have periodic drops of Granite but keep a continuous supply of the beloved keyset. Basically you’ll get Granite as long as you buy it.

So I’m delighted to inform you that starting a few weeks from now Granite will be available indefinitely on Signature Plastics KeyShop. We won’t run any special kit (Elven, Russian, …) as those were limited editions, but we may introduce some fancy novelty every now and then.

Hope this makes everybody happy. Now onto the next project!