This is a kind of good-news-bad-news situation.

The good news is that Susuwatari is going production. The bad news is that Susuwatari is going production.

I just got a new round of prototypes, but I’m informed that they are not prototypes, they are final and they are going production with what we have.

The keycaps had a series of production hiccups at the beginning, then Corona Virus. It was not an easy journey, but the sane thing to do at this point would be to stop and wait for this global emergency to cool down a little. Drop decided this is not the case, they want to deliver asap. I understand people are pissed of the delays and anyway Drop needs to return the investment (which was huge).

Of course I have no saying in this decision. After all they use my name to sell stuff but I have close to zero decisional power.

So at this stage is the set good enough? Yes!

Is the set ready for production? No.

You know by now I’m a perfectionist and I’m rarely happy with anything I do, I’m pretty sure very few will be upset with the keycaps we have now, but still it’s not what I designed and it’s not what I signed off. Not to mention that I haven’t seen all the kits, just a bunch of keys.

It is what it is. Stay strong, at the end Susuwatari right now should not be your top priority.