In just a couple of days I’ve got dozens of comments, emails and people reaching out on reddit/skype/slack. Thanks everybody for the great support and feedback!

So, it looks like I’ve been a little selfish and I didn’t think that other designers and creators might be interested in releasing their creations in double-shot MT3. Some of them contacted me and asked to make the legends a bit more “vanilla” so they would be better suited for a wider range of sets and color schemes.

Your wish is my command. I made some changes –notably uppercase modifiers without icons– and I hope in the future we’ll have a whole array of MT3 doubleshot sets designed by all your favorite designers.

There’s still room for improvement and updates. Please keep sending your feedback, share it on reddit, your forum/community, facebook (is that still a thing?), blog, whatever, and let me know your thoughts.

One note about blanks: they are offered as a “courtesy”, it is not clear yet if there will be a blank kit, but surely it won’t be a full blast of keycaps.