Believe it or not it’s exactly 10 years since the first Granite came to life. It was June 2014 and DSA Granite took its first breath into the world. It was a set designed to meet the need of custom keyboard makers because of the flat profile and the gargantuan amount of available kits and options. Something that nowadays we rarely see unfortunately.

DSA Granite got at least 4 re-runs until it became an in-stock set at Signature Plastics; Input Club also run an all-row-3 SA version a few years back. So when I saw the first renders of MTNU Granite I couldn’t help but get a little emotional.

DSA was nice and all but —let’s be honest— MTNU is from another league. So here they are in all their glory some Granite 2024 renders!

There’s nothing more classic than Granite and it’s the one set you will ever need (yeah okay… indulge me).

The pre-orders have already started on vendors around the world and you’ve got about a month to claim your copy. Then it’s the usual waiting game but it shouldn’t take too long.

Kits are pretty basic but include ISO and accent colors

The vendors are (the Granite page might not be yet available for all of them):