Few days ago I got a copy of my Midnight Set produced and sold directly by Signature Plastics on Pimpmykeyboard.

It’s an old keyset of mine, one of the first I’ve designed and that I’m particularly fond of. It has been recently reprinted with some updates. The modifiers color is now lighter and the tonal difference with alphas more marked, but if you like to dare there’s also the turquoise punch-in-the-eye modifiers kit.

Included in every set you’ll find a few “midnighty” novelty keys but the text-only counterparts are also available.

I wouldn’t normally post about re-runs unless there’s something new about them, but I think this set deserves more love. I’m posting some pictures below, I hope you’ll agree it’s delicious :) Unfortunately the light blue doesn’t come very well in pictures, but it’s actually a very vibrant turquoise.

Direct link to the store.