While waiting for the next round of prototypes for Susuwatari what better than prepping the next round of /dev/tty? The first original MT3 keyset! Drop is releasing /dev/tty every now and then but rarely with the plethora of options I like, so it’s time to rectify the situation and run a proper group buy.

On one side we’d like to keep it as simple as possible, so newcomers don’t risk taking the wrong kit, on the other we want to support the weirdest layouts! So the following is what we have at the moment, everything is still beta so please if you have requests and suggestions this is the right time!

Click to enlarge.

So the big news are:

  • Side printed kit (hopefully, still not 100% sure, sorry)
  • Japan kit! Any Japanese can confirm the layout is correct?
  • Added R0 1.5 and R1 1.5u keys
  • Added 2.25 and 2.75 spacebars
  • The colemak/dvorak now supports even more weird layouts
  • The international kit is back, baby!