It has been a long journey but it was well worth the wait. I’m usually very critical with my own work but this time we are pretty much close to perfection.

Let’s start with the keys layout. The most avid of my followers know that we designed a completely new profile called –very unoriginally– MT3. The goal was to create a retro looking shape without sacrificing ergonomics. I’m typing on these little guys from some time now and it’s incredible how natural and pleasing these keycaps feel.

Reinventing the wheel was admittedly an hazard but the result exceeded all expectations. I hope you’d consider MT3 as your next set, because it’s not just a nice looking hi-profile set, it’s an overall great keycap set born to be typed on.

Speaking of good looking… The color selection was a long and tedious process. One thing is picking colors from a color wheel, another is looking at the final result on injected plastic. With a bit of luck most of the colors came out wonderfully and everything is as I imagined.

There has been some turmoil around the triumph teal mostly because it’s rather hard to catch it on camera (especially manufacturer’s potato camera). By looking at the shots below I hope you’ll agree it’s a great shade of blue. It was not easy to pick and at the end I decided to go with the color that best matches the set scheme.

Enough blabbing, I know all you want is pictures. So here they are! Please note that they are still not 100% color accurate, especially the red and yellow — I’m moving to a new place and I have all my photography stuff boxed, I’m typing this sit on the floor of my soon to be new home… I have internet but I don’t have yet a desk… or a bed… or a couch… :)

Now the bad news. Yeah, there are some. The set was delayed way too much and I guess MassDrop had no choice but release. They basically sent me the final version to review, but there’s little to review at this stage since that’s what will be shipped to end users. Don’t get me wrong, the set is 99.9% fine, but there’s always margin for improvement and I’m disappointed that they didn’t let me review the set sooner.

Anyway I’m talking with MassDrop about the few issues and maybe there’s still something we can tweak.