It took ages but I was able to convince Drop to salvage the Jiji’s keycaps that otherwise would have gone destroyed. They kindly agreed at using them for charity, so yeah, I understand that $29 is steep for 4 keycaps, but you are doing it for a good cause so if you can, please consider joining our “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” campaign. You are helping shelter cats and receiving a nice set of 4 cute Jiji’s keycaps too.

So, a little bit of back story.

The cat key was an exclusive surprise keycap done for Susuwatari. Few months ago it came to my attention that the tooling for all MT3 doubleshot ABS sets ever produced actually included the cat key that was just thrown away before packaging.

I asked if we could salvage them and do some charity and Drop kindly agreed. 100% of the profit goes to the SPCA in support of adopt-a-shelter cat month. Just to be clear, I don’t get anything out of this other than a clean conscience.

This is a one time occasion, there won’t be other cat keys available, so hurry up while they are still purring!